Cinema and film are close to our hearts.

At the same time, we know that not everyone has been lucky enough to grow up against an exciting backdrop of movie experiences.


We are lucky to have access to such a rich history of film and cinema. So we want to share the beauty of film and help people experience it in new and exciting ways. 


Blueprint Arts has a touring programme of films, bringing them to churches and village halls in rural and suburban Lincolnshire and Kent.

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Within this, we strive to appeal to a variety of tastes, preferences and identities. This includes inviting people to enjoy films they might not normally pick, and even providing immersive and interactive screenings.


Some of our cinematic events focus on a specific theme – for example, having a horror screening in the woods.

We also use public outdoor venues in town centres and host drive-in cinemas.


With every film screening we host, Blueprint Arts puts affordability front and centre. We understand that taking a family to a typical cinema has become an unaffordable luxury for many, so we want to remove that barrier.

flix in the stix

Our Flix in the Stix project is a perfect example of affordable, accessible cinema, brought to those who would otherwise miss out.


Previously, we have toured Lincolnshire villages, bringing film directly to communities with little transport access to main towns and cities. All films were high-quality and staged using state-of-the-art equipment – but provided at a low cost.


Our audiences varied, but we realised elderly people made up a strong percentage of our demographic. For these people, Flix in the Stix was often their only social activity.


The films shown were a mix of classic, seasonal and new releases. We offered snacks and drinks and held intervals. While the films provided the initial attraction, for many, the experience and the social interaction ended up being the most enjoyable factor.

grease screening

Our themed screening of the 1970s classic, Grease, proved to be a wonderful experience. Our team loves cinema, so we were excited to partner with The Film Society to run this event.


We arranged sing-a-longs to the hit songs, free ice creams, deck chair seating, and brought in a 1950s car to set it all off! Staged outdoors in Lincoln town centre, we were proud to sell out all 200 seats. All in all, the show felt like a real cinematic experience.

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