Immersing Communities in the Arts

Blueprint Arts brings immersive, captivating and inclusive experiences in the Arts to the communities we work with.

Our team believes in the power of the arts to transform people and places. We are passionate about using this powerful medium to create excitement, aspiration and joy for individuals and communities and invigorate and renew the places they live.

We make the arts accessible to all.


We believe in accessibility and inclusivity and want people from all ages and all backgrounds to benefit from all the Arts has to offer.


This belief drives us, as we find the best ways to engage those who have less access to (or least engagement) in arts and culture.


Whether it be new and innovative or more traditional arts practices, we try to find the best processes and experiences for our participants. 




We deliver our work in East London (mainly Tower Hamlets and Hackney) and Kent (mainly Gravesham and Dartford).


We have strong links to all the areas we work in, with at least one of our staff or board members living in each area, being part of the community there and understanding where we deliver our work.


We want to make sure we offer meaningful and deeply beneficial projects that are shaped and led by the communities they serve.

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